Creative Life Coaching

What is it and How Can it Help You?

Hi fellow creative, I am so excited you are ready to take time to create your dream life. Creative Coaching is the rapid success path to finding your authentic and eclectic self and living a fulfilled and creative life. If you are ready to do a deep dive and explore your soul desires.

Let go of those worldly creative blockers.

You deserve this!

What is a Creativity Coach?

Creativity coaching is a one-on-one connection, providing support to help you reach your creative goals.

Are you struggling to find your artistic voice?

Your artistic style?

Are you unsure of your favorite medium?

Or where do you want to take your art and creativity?

Find your passion?

Quit your day job and live off your art business?

Write a best seller?

Enjoy a little extra income just by creating?

Or are a creative just trying to know themselves better? To feel connected again? Or you just want guidance from somebody who believes in what is possible with the arts and creativity,


Coaching can lead to a happier, more fulfilling life you don’t need a break from.

Creativity coaching can help you create a lifetime of creative joy and authenticity. Helping you instill the habits and routines, helping you find systems to make sure it works for you, not you for your routine.

Creative life coaching can help you uncover your true potential.

And get to know yourself better.

When we know why we do what we do. It makes it way easier to put processes in place that work with our brain (neurotypical or neurodivergent) instead of against them creating huge shifts in living that fulfilled life you’ve dreamt of.

What to Expect From Creative Coaching

Expect to learn and grow through a personal connection that inspires, motivates, and keeps you accountable to your dreams. First, we'll explore your creative superpower.

Do you know what is your creative superpower is?


It is okay if you are not sure, together we’ll discover it. Afraid you do not have a creative superpower? I am here to promise you, yes you do. In fact, everyone has a creative superpower, everyone just is not in tune to theirs. Together we will help you tune in to yours.

What is your passion?

All creatives have a passion. Even if you have not narrowed it down yet, you have one. Most creatives avoid learning their passion out of fear. Fear of rejection, fear of judgement, fear of embarrassment.

 The world is full of critics, do not let them stop you!


The good news is what they are telling you is not dependable.


No matter if your passion is to have a booming art business, write a best seller, enjoy extra income by creating in your free time, or if you are not sure yet; creative coaching can lead to a happier, more fulfilling life you don’t need a break from.

What You'll Learn Through Creative Life Coaching

  • ·Determine your superpower

  • ·Find your passion and artistic voice

  • ·Experiment, practice, and play to find your artistic style

  • ·Complete a personality assessment to learn how best to keep you accountable

  • ·Build a creative routine you can maintain

  • ·Determine your short term and long-term creative goals

  • ·Help you reach those creative goals

  • ·Get past a creative block

  • ·Find fresh perspectives to current struggles

  • ·Help you pursue your next project, business, book, etc.

  • ·Help you find yourself

  • ·Adjust your Mindset

Take the first step to designing a life of creativity, joy, and authenticity.

Why Choose Me?


My creative superpower is connection.


My passion is people and ideas.

I love connecting people to ideas, people to people, ideas to problems, problems to solutions and all mixtures in between. I have been bringing people and creative ideas together for decades.


During that time, I’ve found my greatest joy working with 2 different groups of creatives.


Kids ages 6-18, inspiring them to keep the creativity they are born with and encourage them to never stop creating.


And the overwhelmed, people pleasing, non-stop busy, lady looking to rediscover the joy of the creative life she dreams of.

Creative Coaching is For You If

  • You are feeling a bit lost and disconnected from your creativity.

  • You are craving more structure, focus and direction with the way process ideas.

  • You want to take an empowered approach, design a happy, fulfilling, meaningful, productive, results driven connections where everyone enjoys your joy alongside you!

  • You are looking for a clear understanding of your process, passions, superpowers, and dreams.

“Leaps look good in the movies, but in fact, success is mostly about finding a path and walking it one step at a time.” – Seth Godin

Congratulations on choosing Creativity Coaching, the first step to designing a life of creativity, joy, and authenticity!

To get started...

Schedule a 15-minute consultation to see if I’m the right creativity coach to change your life!


Not sure coaching is right for you?

Find out if Creative CoursesCreative Challenges, or the Creative Community might be a better fit in your journey to your authentic eclectic self.

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