Creative Challenges Can Enhance Your Life

Are you struggling to find your artistic voice?
Or maybe your artistic style?
Are you unsure of your favorite medium?
Or where you want to take your art and creativity?
Do you want to expand your creative thinking or find better creative solutions to problems?

Challenges can help your artistic processes, expand both your critical thinking and creative potential

A creative challenge is a great way to spend a block of time dedicated to one way, one medium, one process, one object, whatever it may be, you're going to grow in your knowledge and understanding of it tremendously by the end of your challenge.

Challenges are a great way to come up with innovative ideas, build creative skills, expand critical thinking, and give value to our everyday life. Expanding our creative thinking skills and potential and exploding our abstract thinking giving us more viable ideas and creative potential. 

Maybe the skill you did your challenge on is not your thing, but maybe you want to take certain elements of that and mix it in with other elements of styles that you've enjoyed in the past.

By creating and bringing all kinds of different ideas to life through challenge projects and participating in a variety of types of challenges, you're going to find your own unique mix of authenticity.

You'll grow your creative development and be a master creative thinker

It’s no secret that creative processes can be rewarding.

But what about when things get tough, and you feel like you’ve lost your mojo?

This is just one way a creative challenge can really enhance your life.

What is a Creative Challenge

A creative challenge is simply a project you set for yourself with the goal of getting creativity flowing through multiple creative ideas. It can be anything from painting a picture a day for 100 days to challenging yourself with a task of writing a song each week for a month.

Challenge ideas are endless, it doesn't have to be a monumental great idea or even have art education as a goal, it just needs to create a space for personal growth.

You could work on art or gratitude journaling to improve your mental health. Creative challenges can be fit into your evening or morning routine.

The important thing is that you push yourself outside of your comfort zone and give yourself permission to be adventurous in your creative process, even if it’s not perfect.

Not only can a creative challenge help you find your artistic style, but it can also be a fun way to explore new mediums and techniques. And if you’re feeling stuck in a rut, a creative challenge can give you the push you need to get out of it.

Who Should do a creative challenge?

Creativity challenges are great for everyone both young and old.


Creativity challenges for students can be a great way to help them see that repetition is key for growth in any skill they want to learn.

A creative challenge for adults can help us see that art and creativity really does affect our mental health in a positive way, especially busy moms and boss babes!

The Benefits of Challenging Yourself Creatively

There are many benefits to challenging yourself creatively. 


As an artist, it's important to always be challenging yourself creatively. It can be easy to get into a rut and just go through the motions, but by pushing yourself to try new things, you can keep your art fresh and exciting.


Not only will this help you to stay interested in your art, but it can also lead to new opportunities and avenues for expression. So what are some benefits of challenging yourself creatively as an artist?


Here are a few to consider:

- It can help you to become more well-rounded.

- You may discover new techniques or mediums that you enjoy working with. - It can help to keep your artistic spark alive.

- You may end up creating your best work yet. So don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. 

-You will find innovative solutions to problems in your creative process.

By pushing yourself to try new things and experiment with different mediums and techniques, you can broaden your skillset and become a more versatile and well-rounded artist.

Additionally, taking on creative challenges can help spark new ideas and help you approach your work in fresh, innovative ways.

By confronting creative challenges head-on, you can build confidence in your abilities and overcome any artistic fears or self-doubt.

As an artist, you know that often the hardest part of creating is getting started. Once you have writer's block, it can be difficult to overcome.

However, if you're willing to challenge yourself in your creative process, you may find that it's not as difficult as you think.


One of the main benefits of challenging yourself creatively is that it helps you overcome your fear of failure.

When you're constantly second-guessing yourself, it's easy to get stuck in a rut and never move forward with your art.

Artistically challenging yourself to come up with new ideas and ways to approach your work can help you push past that fear and get the ideas flowing again.

If you’re feeling stuck creatively, a challenge can be the perfect way to get yourself moving again.

When you set a goal and give yourself a deadline, it can help to motivate you and get the creative juices flowing.

Again, just the act of starting can often be the hardest part, but once you get going, you may find that the ideas come more easily than you thought.

A creative challenge can jumpstart your creativity.
A creative challenge can help you break out of a rut.
A creative challenge can expand your artistic skills.

If you find yourself in a creative rut, a challenge can help you break out of it. It can be easy to get stuck in familiar patterns and ways of doing things, but a challenge can push you to try something new.

This can lead to breakthroughs in your creativity, and open up new possibilities for how you approach your work.

A creative challenge can increase your confidence.

Taking on a creative challenge can also be a great confidence booster. When you complete a project that you’ve set for yourself, it can give you a sense of accomplishment and pride. It can also help to build your confidence in your abilities and give you the courage to try new things.

So, whether you’re looking to improve your problem-solving skills, or just want to give yourself a boost, consider taking on a creative challenge. You might be surprised at what you can achieve.

A creative challenge can improve your problem-solving skills.

Being creative isn’t just about making art – it’s also about solving problems. When you’re faced with a creative challenge, it can help to sharpen your problem-solving skills as you look for ways to overcome obstacles.

This process of trial and error can also help you to become more flexible and adaptable in your thinking, which is a valuable skill in any area of life.

A creative challenge can make life more fun.

Last but not least, one of the best things about challenging yourself creatively is that it can make life more fun.

When you allow yourself to be playful and explore new things, it can add excitement and joy to your life.

So, if you’re looking for a way to add some sparkle back into your life, a creative challenge might be just what you need.

Does the idea of designing your own 100-day challenge or even a 30-day challenge feel overwhelmed?

Don't be discouraged, that's where our creative group challenges come in.

There are many group creative challenges you can take part in that allow you do a creative challenge without the overwhelm.


You can see a list of the challenges we host here at Eclectically Me Niki here.

How does a list of art prompts help you get to know yourself better?

They can’t really, sure repetition helps you be a better drawer, painter, or doer but doesn’t really help you get to the heart of who you are.

They won’t help you connect to the parts of you you’ve lost.

That’s why when I say creative challenges...
I mean something more than just prompts.

Our creative challenges are a little different than most you have seen or participated in before. Our challenges are designed to get you into yourself to find those creative blocks or things in yourself that you're trying to develop, deal with, or let go of.

Imagine them as a combination of art therapy and art prompts. They are uniquely yours; no two challengers will have a similar project or experience.

That’s the beauty of these creative challenges, they accept you just as you are and will meet you there. Then hand in hand they will help you conquer your creative dreams one day at a time!

The 100 Day Challenge

Mediums: Any Medium or Craft 
Length: 100 Days

What exactly is a 100 Day Challenge?

An awesome creative challenge to keep you accountable and growing in your creative process.

It's so motivating and inspiring when part of a group. We build each other up, challenge and encourage each other.


The challenge is your own, your medium, your rules and can take as little as 10 minutes a day with the goal to slowly shift from consuming to creating.

I like to participate and run a 100-day project creative challenge at least once a year. With 100 days you can really grow in whichever artistic area you choose. 

At the start of the challenge there will have exercises that will help you narrow down your project. Day 1 of our 100-day project is always day 8 of starting, allowing you a week to nail down your challenge and gather your supplies and ensure a successful challenge. 

This challenge really helps you create a daily creative habit. To learn more about why and how you should create a daily creative habit check out this blog post. 

For the 100 Day Project FAQ click here.

The results of one of my 100 Day Projects

The Story of Me Challenge

Mediums: Any Visual Medium 
Length: 1 Month -31 Days

This challenge is to help you get to know yourself better as well as to share who you are authentically with your friends, family, or social media followers.

Each day will have a new 'prompt' that will challenge you to look inward and create something in your medium that represents a part of who you are. This could be done in a variety of mediums in a more literal or more abstract way.

Fall for Grannies Fiber Arts Challenge

Mediums: Knit or Crochet
Length: 1 Month - 30 Days 

This challenge is to help you step out of your fiber arts box.

There will be a new square pattern for each day of the challenge, one for knit and one for crochet. There will be a variety of styles, stitch combinations, and technique used in each pattern to allow for a great growth in your yarnie craft.

The finished granny squares can be turned into a throw blanket, a bag, or anything else you can think of.

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