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Being Different Makes Us All the Same, An Important Story plus Crochet Pattern with Endless Variations

Meet the Neillys!

A group of fun crochet monsters who love all things joyful.

These crochet creatures are the perfect gift for any kids in your life as they spread a wonderful message of being yourself and how we all sometimes feel different and weird, yet we’re really all the same. Give the gift of reading and self-confidence to the kids in your life and watch them fall in love with the Neillys as they watch them come to life in the story while they snuggle their new favorite handmade stuffed toy!

Being different is hard! Maybe, just maybe, those differences are what really make us all the same?! We are each completely unique and magical creatures.

Different is good. In fact, being different is what makes us all the same. We’re all unique individuals with our own quirks and qualities that make us who we are.

And that’s a beautiful thing.

But sometimes, it can be easy to forget that. We can get caught up in the comparison game and start to feel like we’re not good enough because we’re not like everyone else. But that’s just not true.

So, today, I want to share a one of a kind crochet pattern with an important story about being different. My hope is that we always remember we are each special in our own way.

Step into the land of happiness, rainbows, unicorns, and everything JOYFUL, Magicis-Irides. In this land of wonder and creativity you will meet the Neillys, creatures who love puppy kisses, color, and everything fun and beautiful.

With over 3,000 combinations of Neillys, not one looks the same. The main character of this story struggles with feeling different. Follow him on his journey of discovery and mind-blowing conclusion that…

…we are all the same because not one of us is exactly the same, making our differences what bring us together.

As you follow along with the Neilly’s adventure, you will create your very own Neilly, either crocheted or paper coloring page style.

To determine how your Neilly will look, you will go on a tour around the different lands of Magicis-Irides, choosing different adventures every time you read along.

Yes, the choice is yours as this is a create-your-own-adventure style read aloud where you are transported into the beautiful lands and become a Neilly yourself.

It is a beginner chapter book level, but a great family read aloud over the course of a couple sittings.

And because I know kids can be impatient while we work on their crochet lovies, I’ve included a cut and create style coloring book so they too can create their own Neilly with each path they take reading the story.

Start your newest crochet obsession today…108 pages includes the create your own adventure story, full illustrated, crochet patterns, as well as the cut and create coloring book. Crochet patterns are written at a determined -advanced beginner level.

I have used all my patterns with children learning to crochet ages 6-18 with great success. I offer full support on my patterns via email as well.

This crochet adventure book is perfect for rainy days, road trips, or even a quick break from work. The possibilities are endless!

Buy the Ebook Version here or the Paperback here

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