Creativity is key to a happy, authentic, and fulfilled life.

Eclectically Me Niki provides the resources you need to jump start your creative endeavors, plus inspiration along the way.


Creativity isn't a one size fits all. That is why we offer multiple ways to jumpstart your creativity.
Choose which works best for your current life and busyness level.

Level 1-
Join the Creative Chaos Community

Level 2-
Take Part in a Visual Arts or Fibert Arts Challenge

Level 3-
Take a Course, Grow, Learn Something New

Level 4-
Go All in with Personal Coaching

Our community is a great place to get motivation, inspiration, while giving us that connection we all long for.

Challenges are an ideal way to push yourself, while creating accountability through the process.

Learning something new is a great way to encourage creativity in your life.

Choose a course and learn to draw something new, paint a picture, or crochet a stuffie.

If you're looking to redirect your creative path quickly, coaching will get you on a rapid growth path and help you achieve your creative goals quickly.

Authentic is a path we should all strive to be on. 
Creativity is Our Guide Map to Authenticity.

“Life isn't about finding yourself.
Life is about creating yourself.”
-George Bernard Shaw


We are an online art studio that provides creative inspirations, growth, connection, and accountability. We believe that when you tap into your creative side, you open a world of possibilities. Our focus is creativity and imagination.

Our mission is to help you in the pursuit of the creative life you long for. Our courses and coaching services are tailored to help creatives of all ages find their creative voice and make a difference in this world.

We offer a variety of resources, from art challenges to our supportive online community, to help you grow in your craft.


“Ms. Niki is wonderful. My daughter learned so much about artists and their styles while also making friends in faraway places and learning more about her own artistic curiosity in the mix.

She loved this class, and we will definitely continue in the future."

Julie BaronJulie Baron

"This class was excellent! Ms. Niki was wonderful, and my daughter loved her. She was so patient and kind with my daughter.

The art she made was really amazing. Each day they did something fun and interesting, and I feel like my daughter learned a lot about journaling her artwork.

We will be signing up for more of Ms. Niki's classes!"

Bonnie PolancoBonnie Polanco

“Miss Niki is so awesome, my daughter loves this class. Niki is a big kid and makes everyone feel included and important.

The art is great fun, but it’s more about the socialization.

A space to chat and share and make friends. What a great concept!”

Brandi M.Brandi M.

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